Need workers?

Corsita offers you full service with regular checks, fix problems and maintenance all around your property on Koh Mak.

We provide all tasks as outline below and provide regular reporting with photos.

Our Thai manager will handle the communication with the workers.

Regular Checks

We check your property once a week performing following tasks:

  • Walk around property with optical check
  • Aerate (open all windows and doors)
  • Flush toilets
  • Check for water damage and leaks (from ceiling, sink, toilet, outside taps)
  • Run air conditioner
  • Check fuse box that all circuits are on
  • Check pool condition
  • Check for insect in house (also dead insects or geckos)
  • Weekly report
  • Other tasks as agreed

The check round is done weekly. Other periods can be agreed. In the event of very heavy rain/storm, additional check rounds to look after damages are included.

Base price for regular weekly checks is 1.000 Baht per month. If combined with maintenace Package only 500 Baht per Month.

500 Baht per month if combined with maintenance package

Fix Problems

We obviously fix the problems we found during our regular checks or our maintenance/cleaning team have noticed.

Minor fixes are done free of charge within our tasks for a maintenance package. Material costs not included.  More intensive fixes we document and agree with you.

What can happen?

  • Water leaks
  • Roof leaks
  • Air con repair
  • Spray insects
  • Pool repair
  • Storm damages

We may not be able to fix all type of problems with our workforce, but we organize people that can do the fix. Be it workers we know or your own contacts that we supervise. 



Maintenance Package based on aproximately 1/4 rai land with one 120 sqm surface house:

  • bi-weekly grass cutting and leaves/branches removal
  • monthly hedge cutting
  • water plants as needed
  • monthly start and short use of motorbike(s)  and/or electrical vehicles
  • clean external surfaces with pressure cleaner prior to your arrival
  • fixes of minor problems
  • General house cleaning every two weeks
  • Intense house cleaning before your arrival. Includes window cleaning, start fridge, put sheets on bed, purchase food and drinks as agreed. Your property is ready so you can start your holidayat at the moment you arrive.

Base price for maintenance Package is 4.000 Baht per month

Please note:  this is a sample price. A  look at your property and an agreement of what needs to be done willbe required to define price that suits your needs.

Additional services

We offer a series of additonal services:

  • Pay bill service (electricity, water, internet and others)
  • Perform official work
  • Pool cleaning
  • Cut and remove fallen trees
  • Feed pets
  • We can install camera systems for you to have a look at areas of your property from abroad
  • We offer a camera system installation and repeated daily live surveillance by us
  • Installation of surveillance system that automatically stores images/videos based on movement detetction with alarm to you and us
  • We can take care of (sub)renting your property (can include managing on booking engines, taking care of guests at arrival, during stay and leave. Clean house after leave)
  • Other services as agreed with you

Please talk to us for a detailed offer that suits your needs

Pool Planning, Installation, Maintenance and Repair

  • Pool cleaning service
  • Pump and piping repair
  • Conversion to salt chlorinator system
  • Repair of technical components
  • Site survey for a new pool
  • Proposal for a new pool
  • Delivery and Installation of a new pool

We work together with JD Pools Koh Chang office and we coordinate all activities locally for a smooth execution of the job